Pre-Tournament Bylaws


Member Financial Obligations

Dues must be paid before you receive any winnings from Tournament payouts.

Payouts will be held back until all dues or other obligations to the club are paid in full.

ie. If you are making payments towards dues owed and win money by fishing, that money will be put towards your dues owed and the remaining ballance if any given to you.

Raising Money for the Club
If the members of the club vote that a raffle needs to be done to raise money for the club, it will be the responsibility of each club member to sell the tickets assigned to them. Each member is responsible for that money.  If you do not sell the tickets, this also will be taken from tournament winnings. Raffles in the past have consisted of Scratch Tickets, Video Cameras and Trolling Motors. If a club member wins the raffle the club will not withhold the prize.