Tournament Bylaws



Penalties will be as follows:

  1. Four (4) ounce penalty for each dead fish weighed-in, from total weight only. This does not apply to lunker pool in anyway, even if the lunker id dead.
  2. A one (1) pound penalty for each fish shorter than the legal limit of 12 inches weighed-in, from total weight. All fish under the legal limit will not count toward total weight. A courtesy measurement can be requested by at weigh-in by any member of that angler's measuring device, before any fish are weighed. This measurement is made by the angler, not the Tournament Director.
  3. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass can be weighed in. All other fish will be disqualified.
  4. Competitors who are not at the official checkpoint at the appropriate time shall be penalized. The penalty shall be at a rate of one (1) pound per minute, to be deducted from the total weight of their catch that day. This will include any weight to be counted toward lunker award. After being fifteen (15) minutes late, the competitor will be disqualified. All fishing must cease upon check in. If a boat in distress signals for assistance, you must stop and render such assistance. Anyone not stopping to assist a boat in distress can be disqualified. Anyone who stops to assist a boat in distress will not be disqualified if the attending club officers feel said person has proven they did stop to render assistance. A name and phone number will be required if the boat helped was not in the club tournament.
  5. No foreign objects can be added to fish before weigh-in (including weigh-in pins, weights, etc.). Such objects must be removed or a penalty will be given, said penalty to be determined by the attending club officers.
  6. Culling into another lcompetitor's live well or tampering in any way with another competitor's fish is grounds for immediate disqualification and expulsion from Cape Cod Bass membership. This is an honor rule unless otherwise provable by two or more eye witnesses.
  7. Ties will be broken as follows: Number of live fish
    Number of fish (dead or alive)
    Largest fish from each competitor (weight, than length)
    If a tie still exists, points are added for two places, and then split (i.e. 3rd and 4th tie = 4300 points/2150 for each angler)