2018 Early Bird Tournaments

Hi Guys,

    As you may or may not know ---- on Sunday Aug. 6th -- we start our 2018 " Early Bird" Tournament Schedule for our 2018 fishing season.  Our first tournament will be at Ashumet ---- Start time is at 7 AM --BOATERS must have their boats IN the water NO LATER then 6:30 PM ---- NON-BOATERS must be at the ramp NO LATER then 6:15 AM --- The DRAW for starting position WILL be at 6:30 AM ---  

ALSO -- AND MOST IMPORTANT ----- CLUB DUES ARE DUE NOW --- FYI -- Dues are $230.00 and if you want to be part of the 6 pounder POOL --- add  $35.00  --- for a total of $265.00--- ( new members must see Gary Labrie for total

      Our second tournament will be at Johns Pond on Sept 10th ------- with the same rules as above.


Hope to see everyone at the ramp,

Frank       }< ))) (*>    ><> ><> ><>