Club Officers for 2017 Season


Gary Joy

  1. Shall be the sole spokesman for Cape Cod Bass.
  2. Shall preside over all regular or special club meetings of Cape Cod Bass, direct all business, supervise all club activities, and delegate such duties as may be necessary to better serve the club.
  3. Shall have the power to vote to break a tie by any club or special committee vote. Shall also have the power to table in place of breaking a tie.
  4. Shall appoint and special committee that he and the other officers feel necessary.
  5. Shall review or assign a person or persons to review the descriptive paragraph on Cape Cod Bass, which must be sent to Mass BASS for the Travel Guide once a year.
  6. Shall assist the Vice President during tournaments.


Frank Marcano

  1. Shall Maintain all club records (Tournament winners, schedules, newsletters, etc.)
  2. Shall take the place of other officer's duties when they are vacant or unable to perform their duties, as well as assist in conducting meetings and events.
  3. Shall record Minutes of club meetings.
  4. Shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date by-laws and club roster.


Gary Labrie

  1. Shall receive and disburse all moneys upon approval of the club officers, maintain accurate finnancial records, and present a current balance and a written itemized account of all income and expenses with copies available for each officer at every regular Cape Cod Bass meeting.
  2. Upon taking office, and within 30 days after, shall transfer all funds to a local bank of the Treaserur''s choosing and have check singing cards signed by the Cape Cod Bass President and Treasurer with all drawn checks requiring two (2) signatures.
  3. Shall have the finnancial records in order for an annual audit to be conducted each year by a special committee of the club officers.
  4. Federation Director
  5. Shall attend monthly MASS BASS Federation meetings as a representitive of Cape Cod Bass, keep notes and collect pertinent information, and report back to the club at the next regularl meeting.
  6. Shall be compensated $20.00 per meeting.

Tournament Manager

Eric Nelson

  1. Shall, as Tournament Manager, assist will tournament locations and permit applications