Tournament Bylaws


Safety Inspection


The Tournament Director will conduct a safety inspection of each boat prior to the first event of each year and any other time he deems necessary during the year. If the inspection does not meet his or her satisfaction, a check will be made at the next event and a disqualification may result if requirements are not met.

Proper Safety Includes:
Proper numbering
Certificate of registration
Working navigational lighting, front and back
Sound device (bell, horn, etc.)
P.F.D. - for each person, plus a floatation device
Type 1B-1 fire extinguisher
Anchor and anchor line
Alternate propulsion (oar, etc.)
Bilge pump or large can
Wiring in good condition
Batteries secured to prevents arcing and movement
Functional, aerated livewell space for 10 fish
Proper and current insurance wavers

The Tournament Director also reserves the right to disqualify a boat immediately if he does not believe it should be used in a Tournament at any time during the year.