Tournament Bylaws


Alternate Species Pool

In the event that a "smallmouth pool" is collected when a body of water contains both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, the "Alternate Species"  Addendum will prevail.

It will be as follows:

A Lunker Pool  is collected for the heaviest fish weighed in. (see Lunker Pool Bylaw)

An alternate species pool entree fee of $10.00 is collected for the heaviest alternate species fish.

Example: If the heaviest fish weighed-in is a Largemouth Bass, that person wins the Lunker pool and alternately the heaviest Smallmouth Bass would win the alternate species pool.

The process would be reversed if needed.

In the event that ALL the fish weighed -in are of the same species (all largies or all smallies) the person with the heaviest fish would win BOTH pools.